Monday, February 6, 2012

Slackline or Slacklining...........what is it?

I was intrigued as I watched the super bowl half time show as to exactly what the guy hopping around on the rope was doing. It sort of looked like he was a tight rope walker but then I noted the more he moved around that he seemed to be doing all of this on a rubber band like cord. I made a mental note to later google whatever this was called so I could find out more on the subject. I didn't think of it again until I happened to see the nightly news and they did a feature on SLACKLINING, apparently that is the name of this

The more I read, the more I learned that slacklining is the sport of walking a thin nylon rope between two points, and that a lot of people do it for athletic reasons and some do it for exercise. EXERCISE........ could this be the new exercise craze? Can you imagine the leg and all over body workout you could get from hopping around on a rope? I say that lightly, I am sure it takes much more skill than just hopping around but it could be a great butt workout and that is enough for me to try it!
You can check out some amazing videos on slacklining while on youtube.

You can even buy a slackline kit online if you want to try it out for yourself!

This guy has a lot of guts to do this over a canyon, I think the only way I would ever try it is over a swimming pool!

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