Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar night!

I am so excited for the oscars tonight, we have planned a little watch party, my grandmother will attend, she is 85 and has watched the oscars since they began broadcasting on tv. Can you imagine the movies, actors, and actress she has witnessed over the years and the changes in style she has seen, it is wonderful that she is still here to share all of her thoughts and ideas from a bygone era, I can't wait.

I really hope Sandra Bullock wins tonight, I am pulling for her like I was last year with Kate Winslet, who is by far one of my most favorite actresses. I hope Avatar wins something, at least best visual effects, as it is a stunning glimpse of what the future of movies will be. Part of my major is in animation and special effects for movies so I am excited to see if Avatar will sweep the oscars or just pick up a couple, its an exciting time to be learning all of the new advancements in technology today!

Who are you excited to see tonight?
Any Oscar favorites of your own?

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