Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's no secret that I love sweets and I especially love, love, love cupcakes. Who would'nt love a sweet treat bundled in frosting and a cute wrapper? When I cam across this cupcake shop I fell in love, not only with the design, but with the amazing cupcake creations they offer. At I Bake Cakes, you can choose from so many different flavors and the best part is they don't use eggs or animal products, so for those people who are allergic to eggs and love cupcakes, this is the shop for you!

To visit this adorable site, click here:

Check out her creations below!

This could be the cutest cupcake I have ever seen!


Jessica said...

Those are the cutest! Definitely going to check that out!

Manni said...

You are soo sweet!!! Thank you for such a lovely write up. I feel so honoured!!!
I wanted to say that I love your blog!! I'm a new follower and can not wait to see more :) the shoes!!!!

Nicole said...

Adorable ideas! Looks like i have a weekend baking project!

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