Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ahhhhhh......Finals overload!

The semester is winding down and with 7 days left to complete all of this work it is getting a little crazy around here. I am almost finished with my portfolio website and I will post the link when I get a chance and it live! I am an 8 page paper due that I haven't even had a chance to begin, I will be happy when I get a break from homework and can relax a little before summer classes begin. I am so happy the semester is almost over that I am thinking of hosting an amazing giveaway. I am almost up to 100 posts so I thought I would tie that and my excitememt for summer break into an fun giveaway for all of my readers!

On that note, what kind of a giveaway would you guys like to see. Maybe a lilly bag? All lilly items or a mixture of items? Give me feedback and maybe some of your favorite things will end up in the giveaway!

So if you miss me blogging for a week you will all know I am burried under my books, but will be back in 7 days or so!



andre medina said...

if you have any questions of books just email me!

Vynuss said...

Good luck with your finals!!! I completely understand your finals crunch!!! :)

vicki archer said...

Good luck with the study....glad its you and not me! xv

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