Monday, November 8, 2010

'Cause I'm A Blonde

A couple of nights ago my mother and I were talking and laughing about the 80's and I remembered she and my cousin singing this song and laughing when I was small. I was surprised to find the video on youtube so I have included it below, if you need a lighthearted laugh on a Monday, check out these fun quotes and the video below! :)

For the valley girl in all of us!

1. To the max – Translation: To the extreme.
2. Barf me out – In response to someone who says something offensive.
3. Gag me with a spoon – A response to something you don’t like.
4. Tubular – something that is cool.
5. Totally
6. Rad/Radical – attractive
7. Gnarly – Great/cool
8. Have a cow
9. Grotesque – you’re making me sick.
10. Hoser – i.e. jerk/loser
11. For sure/fer sher – Used in exclamation, as “Fer sher, dude!”
12. Awesome
13. Bogus – Unfair.

P.S. Watch for the guy in the red tank top in the video, it is Jim Carrey before he was "Jim Carrey".

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Screen Door Prep said...

Too much fun!

I tagged you in my post yesterday! =)

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