Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wreath ribbons and bows instructions

I love bows and I love christmas wreaths they are so classic and perfect decor for the holidays! I found a really easy tutorial for making large bows for a wreath, so I thought I would share!

What You Need:
•4 to 5 yards of 2-1/2- to 3-inch-wide ribbon
•12-inch ruler
•Pipe cleaners
•Wire or hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks, if desired

1. Measure ribbon. Starting with all of the ribbon yardage, measure 15 inches from one end. Twist and pinch ribbon there. If ribbon has a right and wrong side, keep the right side out after each twist. Lay the ribbon by the ruler, with the twist centered at the 6-inch mark.

Photo 1: Secure loops with
a pipe cleaner. 2. Make a 6-inch loop, using the long length of ribbon. Bring the loop back to the center, and twist and pinch the ribbon again.

3. Make another 6-inch loop on the opposite side, again using the long length, and bring the ribbon back to the center, twisting and pinching again.

Photo 2: Tie an extra loop
of ribbon over center to
finish. 4. Make 8 or 10 loops, alternating sides, until bow has desired fullness.

5. Add pipe cleaner. Secure the bow loops by twisting a pipe cleaner around the center of the bow. (See Photo 1.) The ends of the pipe cleaner should be toward the back of your bow.

6. Trim as desired. Tie an extra length of ribbon around the center of the bow (see Photo 2) and trim the ribbon ends. Attach desired trims using wire or hot glue.

Photos and instructions courtsey of better homes and gardens

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Porchlight Interiors said...

Gorgeous wreaths! Very inspiring! Tracey xx

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