Thursday, November 19, 2009

New favorite movie!

I rented, "My one and only", last weekend and it was wonderful, a much welcomed surprise. It is loosely based on Ge$&ge Ha&^#ton's life growing up and is very entertaining, so say the least. It is filled with many different movie stars that make small appearances throughout the movie. It is set in the early 50's and the costumes are to die for, very mad men meets Grace Kelly. R%&*e Z$lw$%^er plays his mother and she is fantastic, one of her best roles I think.


Elise said...

I agree, the costumes of that era are just fabulous - when ladies really look there time to look great and didn't let it all hang out the way you see today !

paintedpreppy said...

very true Elise, if we could only go back to hats and gloves I think the world might be a happier place!

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